Chair of Governors Easter Report 2016

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Dear Parents and Carers

To paraphrase Charles Dickens, it has been the best of terms and it has been the worst of terms.
We were delighted to be judged as an outstanding again in our recent SIAMS inspection. The Inspector was very thorough in his inspection. He also spent a lot of time talking to staff, children and parents.

The OFSTED inspection two weeks later was a different and challenging experience. The governing body was devastated by the procedure and the outcome. The OFSTED Inspection Dashboard for 2015 showed our school results as being well above the national floor standards. Under weaknesses in 2015 the document states “No weaknesses were identified in this dataset.” Only this week we received a letter from the Schools, students and teacher’s network saying “We’re delighted to announce that your school has achieved the SSAT National Award standard for Children’s Progress – top 20%.”

Sadly the Inspector was dismissive of the OFSTED Inspection Dashboard. The school did challenge some of the Inspector’s remarks. An example of this is the judgement that Mrs Farby didn’t give the governors sufficient information in her termly report. It was explained that we had so much data on progress of the pupils that it was decided to hold separate meetings. We regularly held School Improvement meetings which involved the majority of governors (not everyone could attend due to work commitments). We focused on one subject and the subject leader attended the meeting too, These meetings often last over 2 hours and minutes were taken using a professional clerking service. The minutes were shown to the inspector. It was felt this information was so important it deserved separate meetings. He didn’t agree sadly.

We will, of course, work hard to turn this decision around. We already have plans in place to address the OFSTED report. We believe our school is a good school and we are not alone in thinking this. Thank you to those of you who took the time to get in touch praising the school. It means a great deal to know you have faith in us and in what we strive to do.

Today was the Easter bonnet and egg competition in school. Mrs Moulton and I dread this as there are always so many fantastic entries but there can only be 1 winner and 1 runner up per class. It is never an easy task picking the winners! We always look to see the child’s involvement in the entries. The winners, and all those who entered, paraded around the hall to display their hard work. The winners received a large egg and a bag of eggs. The entrants who didn’t win received a small chocolate egg. I would like to thank the PTA and Morrisons supermarkets for their support.

It is just left for me to wish you all a joyous Easter. I hope everyone enjoys the break. I look forward to seeing back in school in April.

With my very best wishes

Gill Ward
Chair of Governors


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