School Newsletter 12th December 2016 - Communication

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have recently reviewed our communication between school and home. The staff and governors have thought long and hard on how we can further improve what information we share with you and how we do it.

We continually review our website to keep it up to date. Mrs Hornby, our website manager, ensures we are kept on our toes so that class curriculum newsletters are up to date, and that this information is made available to you as soon as possible, as well as our regular newsletters.

Parent School Improvement Drop In Meetings
From January 2017, once a month, we will be having morning drop-ins in the school hall between 8.50am and 9.30am. These sessions will usually be themed and will be an informal opportunity to meet with Mrs Ward, Mrs Moulton, Mrs Mackay and myself to share ideas about school improvement. The first meeting will be on Thursday 12th January and will be about communication and how we can develop this further.

Newsletter Content and Frequency
We endeavour to put out a school newsletter each week and a governor newsletter once a term. We measure the success of the newsletters by your verbal feedback to us as to whether you feel better informed, so please let us know. Your feedback is balanced against the time resources of all staff and volunteers. The content of the newsletter includes news of our latest stars of the week, dates for your diary and reminders about school policies and procedures. We also endeavour to share good news with you about sporting events, visits, special days and charity fundraising.

Texts will continue to be sent out when we need to inform you of something quickly. This includes instances such as cancellation of clubs and events, school closure, head bumps etc. Please note our text system only sends a text to the first contact number you put on the contact form for your child. It is your responsibility to ensure we are notified of any change to this primary contact number. The text system is very costly so we do not routinely contact both parents.

Communication between Home and School
As well as school working harder to further develop our methods of communication with parents, we'd like to remind you of the current procedure for communicating with school.

1. Please talk to the class teacher as the first step. The teachers collect the children from the playground each morning and are at the Key Stage entrance doors every night. We do this so we are available for you to chat to, once the children are seen safely to their adult. Most questions can be answered this way. If you are still looking for answers, please go back again and see the class teacher for a further chat. If you are unable to be at school yourself, please call the school office to see if the teacher can call you later or make an appointment to see her.

2. If you have spoken to the class teacher a few times but feel you have not had your questions answered, the next step is to talk to Mrs Mackay or myself. If your query cannot be resolved, the school governors may be asked to help. Please remember we are here to help and we do listen. You requested a Nativity for Elm and Oak Class and we listened and delivered. From the feedback we received, you enjoyed 'It'll be alright on a Silent Night'; thank you for this. Where it is possible to accommodate 'parent voice' we endeavour to do this but it is not always appropriate to do so.

The school governors and the Local Authority do not tolerate social media being used as a vehicle for negative comments about the school or individual staff members and may use the Malicious Communications Act (1988) in such cases. Please follow the correct procedures for communication as outlined above.

Finally, we'd like to say that we'd love you to talk to us about good news too! Please tell us when you like something or when you have enjoyed something we have done. Thank you for the positive comments about our Y6 from the Christmas Fayre. This was appreciated by everyone.

We hope that you can support us in building even better home school relationships, and look forward to welcoming your contributions to the parent school improvement meeting on the 12th January.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs V Farby
Head Teacher