School Newsletter 22nd July 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Year 6 Leavers
Today marks the end of another school year, a year in which the children have blossomed and grown in so many ways.  We are very proud of them all.  Sadly we say farewell to our wonderful Year 6 children who achieved so much during their time at school.  We wish them every success as they move on to secondary school.

Messy Church
Thank you to all our volunteers who help with Messy Church, we could not organise this event without you!  Our theme this week was ‘Bible Roads’.  Roads are a strong theme in the Bible with God’s people often depicted as being on a journey both physically and spiritually.  This is an important image for us, as life in school and in general is a journey.  To achieve our best we are not aimless or passive, we have a purpose and a goal and a way of getting there.

School’s Out
The end of term is always a sad occasion when we say many farewells to pupils and staff.
I had quite a shock when I learnt last night that after six years, Sam from 'School's Out' has decided to take a year out from leading our performing arts club.  We wish her well as she reduces her working week to spend more time with her young son Freddie.  Whilst she won't be visiting Kirby Hill every week, we will certainly keep our link with her over the next school year and hope to arrange a dance workshop for all year groups next year.  ‘Schools Out’ has been a popular club which the children will be able to access through the other clubs she runs in the Ripon community.  We have made contact with another provider who hopes to offer a similar club on Monday evenings and will send out details when available.

We also say goodbye today to our Service pupils and some of our staff members and wish each and everyone success.  Earlier in the term after five years service to the school, we said goodbye to Mr Hogg who has taken on additional teaching hours at Leeds Grammar School.  It is with great sadness we say farewell to Mrs Bridgewater, Mrs Clegg and Miss Waite and wish them every happiness and success.

Sports Day and Picnic
It was wonderful to see so many of you at our sports afternoon last week despite the inclement weather!  Thank you too for joining us at our School Picnic on Wednesday.

Achievements and Goals
The year has had its highs and lows.  We received recognition for being in the top 20% nationally for pupil progress, our Year 6 won the local schools Maths Challenge and they were also awarded first prize at the local council Debating Competition.  The Year 6 continued to excel at their residential at East Barnby.  The school has continued to have many outstanding sporting successes.   The highlight of the year was the Church School Inspection (SIAMS) which recognised the school as an outstanding school in every judgement but as you know sadly Ofsted did not agree.  

The school continues to work extremely hard to rectify this outcome.  The local authority adviser was in school on Monday and visited classrooms, looked at pupil books and data.  She also met with governors, Mrs Mackay and myself.  Her report judged the school to have fully met its July milestone targets.  We are pleased we have reached these milestones but are by no means complacent.  We know it is a team effort to continue to raise challenge and improve outcomes for all pupils.

We had also anticipated a visit this week from HMI, three months following the publication of the Ofsted report, but this has not happened so we now expect a visit from HMI early in the autumn term.   

Over the year we have had to get to grips with the noticeably higher expectations around the new curriculum and the SATs tests.  The children and staff in Years 2 and 6 worked exceptionally hard to ensure they were prepared for these tests.  Well done to everyone! We all know that high standards in reading, writing and maths are of vital importance.  Children are expected to learn certain grammar terms and apply these consistently in their work.  Looking forward to the autumn term I thought it would be useful for school to host an evening for parents and carers to enable you to find out more about the 'new' English curriculum and the expectations.  A local authority adviser will lead the session as an informative and interactive evening about English and the expectations of the curriculum today.  The date of this session is Wednesday 28th September, time to be confirmed.

Thank You
Thank you to all the PTA members for their hard work all year and especially for organising the end of term barbecue when we’re all tired and weary.  Indeed a special thanks to Mrs Bosomworth, Mrs Pullan and Mrs Webb, who are stepping down from their key postholder PTA roles.

A big thank you to all the staff at school for all the work they do, they aim high, just like the children so that Kirby Hill School can be the best it can be.  Thank you to the teaching staff, office staff and support staff, the team effort adds value to individuals and learning.  

We also thank our lunchtime staff and GFM staff who all equally work tirelessly over the year.

And finally we thank our Governors and Trustees for their support of the school.  We say farewell to governors Mrs Leverett, Mr Pullan and Mrs Richardson and welcome on board Mr Cunningham and Mr Evans.

Sports Certificates
Yesterday in our end of year Celebration Assembly the teachers awarded sporting certificates for children who have shown 100% sporting commitment all year round and especially on Sports Day.

Temple    Ben Copham, Holly Shepherd
Priory       Sophia Barlow, Alfie Howgate
Minster    Lacey Springell, Edward Leverett
Church     Amy Korendowych, Colton Cooper
Chapel     Bodie Cooper, Sarah Donnelly

Our Star Writers this Week
Temple    Tom Lowther
Priory       Mackenzie Bryson
Minster    Becky Stanger
Church    Ethan Mazza
Chapel    Luca Walker

Stars of the Week     
Temple    Hollie Metcalfe
Priory       Will Leverett
Minster    Purwa Joshi
Church     Mary-Kate Donnelly
Chapel     William Angus

40 out of 120 children have had full attendance this term and were awarded a certificate.  The following children have had full attendance all year:

Isaac Burland
Spencer Coulson
Lydia Harland-Lazenby
Robbie Langshaw
Ethan Mazza

Effort Shield this Week
Well done to Francesca Robinson for achieving the Effort Shield in our final week.

I hope you all have a happy, relaxing summer holiday with your families and friends and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 6th September when school re-opens.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs V Farby
Head Teacher