School Newsletter 25 January 2016

Dear Parents / Carers,

Temple Class Worship
Thank you to Temple Class for leading our Collective worship last Friday.  Taking our month's theme 'Courage', they presented a thoughtful and informative start to the morning.  They reminded us of six world famous people who have shown courage, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, Anne Frank and Florence Nightingale.

This week on our reflection board I asked 'Are heroes ever scared?'  The consensus from our pupils seems to be 'Yes, but they don't show it and they face things they don’t want to do.'

Our aim is for all our children to show courage and develop resilience in order to succeed at school and in life.

Sporting Event
Twenty of our KS2 pupils represented the school at Thirsk in Sports Hall Athletics on Thursday evening.  The children were outstanding in their performance, behaviour and attitude.  They were extremely successful and achieved the Gold Award.  The children will participate in the area competition next Friday.  We wish them the best of luck for this.

Family Breakfast
I look forward to seeing you all at our Family Breakfast this week.  Thank you to all staff for helping to organise the breakfasts on Monday and Wednesday. Please contact the school office if you would like to book for Wednesday 27th January, thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs V Farby