School Newsletter 29 June 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Class Arrangements and Staffing 2016/17

I am writing to inform you of class arrangements for 2016/17.
Our school building has six classroom bases but we have eight year groups from Nursery through to Year 6.  The nature of our building means from year to year some of our cohorts are split and this is always based on age.  The split in the year group is also determined by pupil numbers in different months of the year.  Whenever possible we avoid splitting year groups.

Our aim is to keep class sizes below thirty but this isn’t always possible.  In addition, because we have more year groups than classrooms, we are unable to physically accommodate year groups separately and neither do we have the finances to do so.  Our other variable is our year group sizes (cohort numbers) because these too can vary widely.  On occasions we need to combine year groups as well as split year groups.
This year I am delighted to tell you that we will not need to split year groups but will need to combine year groups.

We are also changing our class names this year to names of trees.  These are Beech, Chestnut, Elm, Oak, and Willow.

Nursery and Reception will be in Beech Class, an Early Years Unit, with Miss Bartle, Mrs Chester and Mrs Lowther in a morning and will be a class of 23.  Reception will be in a class of 11 in the afternoon with Miss Bartle and Mrs Chester or Ms Lyddon.

At this point I would like to inform you that sadly at the end of this term Miss Waite is leaving to take up a new post of Early Years Leader in a school in York.  I am sure you would wish to join me in wishing her well for her future.  We know she will be a great success!
As you will see from Beech class size, our Nursery numbers have been low this year and consequently we have a small intake into Reception. 

In addition we also say goodbye to our service children as Dishforth Airfield staff relocate to various destinations around the country.  We would like to wish them every success for the future as we do our Year 6 pupils, who this morning are attending the Diocesan Y6 Leavers’ Service at Ripon Cathedral.

Nineteen Year 1 pupils will be in Chestnut Class with Mrs Mackay teaching four days a week and Mrs Davis one day a week.

We also say goodbye to Mrs Bridgewater who has covered Mrs Davis’s maternity leave.  Many thanks to Mrs Bridgewater who, like Miss Waite, has been an asset to the school.  We them both well.  However it will be delightful to extend a warm welcome back to Mrs Davis for two days a week. On one of her teaching days Mrs Davis will provide PPA cover for Miss Bartle and Mrs Garner.

Twenty eight Year 2 and Year 3 pupils will be in Elm Class with Mrs Garner.

Year 4 and Year 5 pupils will be in Oak Class with Mrs Cockerill.  This class will have thirty three pupils and will have full time teaching assistant support from Mrs Dixon for the first half of the week and from Mrs Thompson for the second half of the week.

The twenty two Year 6 will be in Willow Class with Miss Allan as their class teacher.

At the end of term we also say goodbye to Mrs Clegg who has taken the decision to resign from her teaching assistant role due to family commitments.  She too has been an asset to the school and will be greatly missed.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs V Farby
Head Teacher