School Newsletter 7th July 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is always disappointing to learn that class arrangements for a following year are causing upset and concern for some parents as these decisions are never taken lightly.

Various scenarios are considered, shared with a governing committee and then presented to the full governing body for ratification.

When Kirby Hill School was built the pupil admission number was 17.  Whilst we endeavour to keep class sizes at or below thirty, there is no guarantee that this will happen. In fact our pupil admission limit would make this very difficult.

The school was designed to accommodate the following pupils:

Nursery class – 26
Class 1 -   17 Reception children combined with some Year 1
Class 2 -  17 Year 2 with some Year 1
Class 3 -  17 Year 3 and 17 Year 4 (34 pupils)
Class 4 -  17 Year 5 and 17 Year 6 (34 pupils)

We have been very fortunate that in the last few years finances have enabled us to employ an additional teacher and use the Activity Room as a classroom (Minster's current classroom). This may not always be the case. The school has falling rolls which means the school’s budget is tighter than it has previously been and the school has to adjust accordingly. Our finances are based on pupil numbers.

On another note the school still has one parent vacancy on the governing body from September. If you would like to contribute to the life of the school, share in setting the strategic vision and direction of the school, hold the school to account for its educational performance and ensure resources are well spent; this is the role for you! Please help the school move forward by contributing positively to school improvement by collecting a governor nomination form from the school office.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs V Farby
Head Teacher