FairtradeAdult leader  – Mrs Tania Garner

At our school, we value courageous advocacy and are very proud of  our fantastic Fairtrade committee. They want to make a difference in the wider world. promoting Fairtrade to ensure that other people in the world who are not as lucky as us get a fair share of the money they deserve.

Who are the committee and what do they do?

There are 6 members on the committee, who are responsible for promoting Fairtrade and helping others to understand why it is so important.


They organise and sell a range of delicious Fairtrade goodies on a very popular weekly stall in their own time. 


The members of the committee are displayed on the wall in the entrance of the school.

 What products do the committee sell?
There are lots of different products to choose from like Divine bars, cookies, chocolate coins, tea and coffee.

The Fairtrade committee like to keep the stall a place that parents and pupils want to come to! 





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