Welcome to the School Council

Adult leader – Mrs Lindsay Sutcliffe

All of our school council members have been democratically voted for by their peers as representatives for their year groups. Our fourteen members can be identified by their school council badges. The role of each representative is to attend school council meetings to discuss ways to continuously improve our school and to act as an outstanding role model for others. The role of each member is crucial as the suggestions and opinions they share on behalf of their peers give a greater insight into ways that we can work together to develop our school.


The School Council meet regularly to discuss real issues on behalf of their peers. Our projects include improving the school environment and outdoor area, staying healthy, keeping safe and arranging charitable fundraising events.
We believe it is important for pupils to actively take part in all School Council meetings and events. Some of the roles and responsibilities are outlined below.

Chair-Chairs the meetings.
Vice Chair – Shares responsibilities with the Chair.
Secretary- Writes the minutes of the meeting.
Administrators- Share the minutes and agendas with others
Seating co-ordinators- Set up the meeting area.
Communication team- Remind members of upcoming meetings.
Creativity team- Publicise events by making and displaying posters.
Governor liaison officers- Shares information with the Chair of Governors.


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