Courageous Advocacy   

The Church of England defines Courageous Advocacy as follows :-

Courageous Advocacy - By way of a working definition, when using the term ‘courageous advocacy’ we are referring to the act of speaking out against an issue of injustice, often on behalf of those whose voice is not heard. Speaking out, at whatever level this takes place, requires an element (and sometimes a great deal) of courage! Becoming a courageous advocate for change, therefore, must involve being informed about an issue and it must move beyond simply knowing, to saying and doing. Educating for courageous advocacy must embody an ethos of action-taking, challenging injustice and becoming agents of change in the transformation of ourselves, our relationships and our communities from the local level to the global. (from Church of England Courageous Advocacy Caroline Weir)


The Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

Upon hearing about the terrible after-effects of the earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria, three of our Year 5 children decided they wanted to try to do something to help.  They started by approaching Miss Lowe, the headteacher, to see if it would be possible to organise something for the whole school to participate in.  They then went away and considered different options and in the end decided that a fun-run would be a good way to raise funds.  The children spent their own time creating posters to advertise the event and even wrote a letter together, to go out to parents.  They spoke to the whole school in collective worship to let everyone know what was happening, and they sourced medals and certificates to give out to everyone who took part.  The fun-run fundraiser was a fantastic success - the event has helped to raise an amazing £105 for this appeal. 

The Purple Community Fund

Having learned about how the Toybox charity has helped to bring hope to the street children of Guatemala during a recent Collective Worship, our Y6 children found this particularly moving and decided that they would like to do something to help to give hope to children like those in Guatemala, who have challenging lives.  Together, they discovered a charity called the ‘Purple Community Fund’ which helps children in the Philippines who are living in squalor, who have to search through rubbish dumps to find food.

The Purple Community Fund collect ring pulls from canned drinks to recycle.  With these, they teach people how to make upcycled handbags and other accessories that they can sell.  Our Y6s went on to lead a Collective Worship about supporting this project in school and have asked the children to help them to collect as many ring pulls as they can.  We have a collection box in the entrance hall.  Please can you ask all of your neighbours, friends and family to start collecting them and sending them into school too.  Thank you! 


First Steps 2 School - Peru

Here are Kirby Hill, we strive to make a difference for those people in our world who are much less fortunate than ourselves.  Our children are key advocates in this endeavour and they are passionate about helping others.    When we heard about members of our local community trying to make a difference to the disadvantaged children of Iquitos, our children were adamant they wanted to be involved and to make links with this nursery.  Our School Council regularly work together to think of new ways to raise money for this amazing charity.  So far, our children have helped to pay for nice mats for the children to sit on, new books for the children to explore, food so the children can enjoy hot meals and a very special Christmas party.  



Supporting Ukraine

Our children were most upset by the news of the war that had broken out in Ukraine.  Every class was affected and the children decided they wanted to do something to show their support for the people of Ukraine, whose lives were being so badly disrupted.  The children made posters and wrote messages and prayers of support, which they decorated the front of school with.



Our School Council then decided they would like to raise money for the people of Ukraine so they held a 'Wear Blue and Yellow Day' which helped to raise an amazing £280.50.


The Archbishop of York Award

Every year, our Year 6 pupils take part in the Archbishop of York Award which involves organising 5 volunteering projects that benefit the school and its local community.   The children lead this themselves and decide what they would like to do.  Recent projects have included litter picking and weeding to tidy up the local area for our community, and the children raised money to buy flowers to help 'spread the happiness' to local residents.