Early Years Links

Please review the sites ahead of time so that you are able to help children find the best resources available within the sites.

Some offer a great number of games, songs, stories, videos etc so it is important to know the site well in order to support and develop children’s learning.



 Name of website



Many games, often recognised by children from their homes.   

BBC Early Years

Links to particular cbeebies games from areas of learning 


Many games and songs including those relating to festivals.    


Many, many delightful games. Spend time exploring
Videos, stories and games including switch access

Top Marks

Games that can be played  and information for supporting areas of learning for Parents.

ABC Playschool

 ABC Playschool. Videos and games

British Council Learn English

 British Council “Learn English” – Songs and Stories

BBC Numbertime

 Problem solving reasoning and numeracy

Fun with Spot

New and improved! Try creating your own Spot story.

ICT Games

Some excellent numeracy and literacy resources

Crick Web Early Years

Particularly good resources to use on an IWB, especially for special needs

Smart Central

Nursery Rhymes, including sound files for musical accompaniment!


 Try out the Kaleidoscope painter

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