How to Apply

We welcome enquiries from families who are considering Kirby Hill C of E Primary School as the school for their child between the ages of 3 and 11 years. 

For general enquiries or admissions please telephone Mrs Williamson in the school office on telephone number 01423 322713.

You can contact North Yorkshire Admissions to enquire about the availability of a place.

Admissions Policy

The NYCC policy on admissions to Voluntary Controlled schools states that places will normally be provided by the Authority for all those pupils who live in an area, in the school which serves that area.

If parents prefer a school which is not the normal school for the area in which they live, their preferences are considered after those from the normal area. If a school is oversubscribed, places are allocated according to strict criteria.

At Kirby Hill Primary School

At present we have one intake into our Reception Year, in September and our limit of those admissions is currently 20 pupils.  We aim to integrate the children as happily as possible, so a series of preparatory visits is offered in the summer term before they begin. Because our Nursery is integrated within the Early Years Unit, it is a wonderful preparation for mainstream school.

We have a separate brochure about the Kirby Hill School Nursery, available on request. Provision is made by the Authority for the transportation by bus or taxi to and from school of those children within our normal school area who live further than two miles away, but usually only from the term in which they turn five.  Enquiries should be made to the schools’ transport department at the Area Education Office, giving at least two weeks’ notice of any proposed journeys.

Our Nursery Admissions policy follows the North Yorkshire Early Years Partnership Guidelines – please ask at the school office for details

Additional information