Arrangements for Unavoidable Closure of School

Due to extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances, there may be occasions when the school has to close. Although these circumstances are rare, this document sets out important procedures to support efficient and safe closure.
These actions will be taken as soon as the decision is taken that the school will close.

  • Please listen to Stray FM radio on 97.2 FM or BBC Radio York on 104.3 or 103.7 FM, or Star Radio on 103.5 or 102.3 to hear if the school is to close.  
  • If school cannot be open on a particular day we will inform you either by e-mail/text message and/or by the local radio.
  • A message will be placed on the Kirby Hill School website:
  • The schools status will also be updated on the North Yorkshire County Council website:

Where possible, we ask that you avoid phoning school unless it is essential to do so. We try to keep the phone lines open so staff are able to take the actions above as quickly as possible.
Do not travel to school if you feel the roads are not safe.
If school opens on any morning but the weather then starts to deteriorate significantly please collect your child/children from school straight away.
If you are a working parent please make arrangements for someone who we know to be available to collect your child/children.
If the weather forecast is for deteriorating weather during the day and you are unable to make arrangements for them to be collected before the end of the school day then please keep your child at home.  Such an absence would be authorised on the grounds of safety.
Even though local children may be able to travel to school, please remember that many of the staff travel some distance and may be unable to travel safely.  In this case the school would close because of inadequate supervision.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Yours sincerely
Miss E Lowe Headteacher


You can find a copy of this letter in the documents guides section of this site.