Governor Newsletter Summer Term 2017

Dear Parents and Carers

Since the Easter holidays the children have been able to partake in those summertime sports at school and have been involved also in inter-school competitions: Yr 5/6 coming 2nd in tennis and Yr1 winning bronze in Quadkids. Well done to all children taking part and in the Kwik Cricket and Rounders too.

For those who attended Sports Afternoon on Monday, I'm sure you were impressed by the sense of fair play and all round
enthusiasm the children brought to the event. Not all of us are lucky enough to be blessed with a sporty physique and fast legs but the children showed true grit and resilience if they weren't first over the line, helped by the enthusiastic  cheering and applause from the crowd for those who for whatever reason were delayed in their finish. I especially enjoyed the last house-team played with over head and under leg bean bags. My congratulations to all those swift parents who showed a clean pair of heels, but my unreserved congratulations goes to Mrs Farby, speeding down the track only four days away from retirement!

The children have taken part in Charities Week, well done to them, and also had My Money Week. Elm Class have visited
The Deep; we have had 'Hand to Mouth' for a whole day and Moving Up morning. Some children went to Dishforth
Army Camp as a follow up to their previous 'Boot Day' and Yr 6 have had induction days at their new High Schools, a Leavers Service at the Cathedral and Crucial Crew at Harrogate College. The highlight probably for Yr 6 was their stay at East Barnby Outdoor Centre, where all challenges can be faced, new experiences be had and where bedrooms have never been so tidy! For Yr 4 and Yr 5, their overnight at Carlton Lodge was equally memorable and I heard that as a school event it was the 'best ever'.

Of course, we had our wonderful 'whole school' excursion to Beamish in May to celebrate the 150 Anniversary of the
school. I do hope you managed to see all the photographs and writing on our display in the entrance hall.

Our Victorian dressing up day was exceptional, the boys were great at doffing their caps saying 'good morning Miss'
and the girls looked sweet in their long dresses and mob caps.

Despite all the above, there has been plenty of time for hard work. The governors have held one Full Governor Meeting
and two School Improvement Meetings this term. The school improvement is an opportunity to study Senior and Middle
Leaders' reports and to question them on statistics, progress and achievement. Alongside this, governors have as
usual been in school to play their role in discussing their special subject responsibilities with staff, joining in activities,
speaking to visitors and being questioned at the North Yorkshire Review. Some governors always attend Celebration Assembly: it is our great pleasure to see the children doing well in all fields of school life. Mrs Farby and myself make weekly checks on the behaviour charts. It is always a disappointment if we see that someone has made a poor choice that day but equally, it gives so much pleasure when we know that children have given their all to rise up the chart. How brilliant to be on gold some days. We might not see who has become a gold student some days, but the
knowledge that all our children want to be the best they can is what matters most.

In the years that Mrs Farby has been head teacher, she has strived to provide a well rounded education where children
can flourish with confidence. This is evidenced by our Yr 6 children who have put on their production of Mary Poppins
this week. They have shown talent, not only in acting and learning lines, but in all that has gone into it before this week:
the writing, production, self correction, organisation, scenery making, behind the scenes work, teamwork, advertising,
hand bills, cast is a wonder they didn't sell ice creams as well!

Their confidence has assured us that they have learnt the lessons of education at Kirby Hill School and that they are
'Kind Hearted, Happy and Successful'.

To that end, Mrs Farby and Miss Lowe have met several times this half term to provide a smooth transition into the
next school year. There will be some new governors - Cllr Nick Brown was so impressed with the school when he visited
in the last week of his Mayoral duties, that he is going to be a governor starting in September. Mrs Mavis Smailes and
myself who are both Foundation Governors are at the end of our term of office and will be replaced by Mr John Helliwell
and Mrs Jeni Widdows. To Miss Lowe I wish a warm welcome to Kirby Hill School and to Mrs Farby, who I know will leave
with many happy memories and the warmth of the children in her heart, I thank on behalf of all for her dedication
and  commitment in all she has done and wish her a well deserved and happy retirement.

On behalf of the Governing Body
Rose Moulton

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