Governors Report - Events in June 2016

Church Class Visit to Harlow Carr 13th June 2016

27 children and 7 adults, including Mrs Bridgewater had an instructive and enjoyable time at Harlow Carr Gardens. The weather looked doubtful when we set off, but turned out fine. In the morning the children were given sheets showing things to be identified including sculptures, plants, trees, flowers, birds etc. A kind of treasure hunt with items ticked off when seen.   

After 20 minutes activity play, and a picnic lunch, the children then had the opportunity to draw and colour plants in the garden, with some very good results.

A good day with some sleepy heads on the way home on the bus.


Kwick Cricket Competiton at Thirsk High School 16th June 2016

6 boys and 3 girls from years 6 and 7 under the auspices of Mr Cairns and Mrs Thompson played in the cluster competition at Thirsk High School. After a great team effort and some exceptional individual performances Kirby Hill came out on top and won the trophy. They then qualified for the Hambleton area competition to be held at Northallerton Cricket Club the following day.

Well done everybody.

Minster Class Outing to Hackfall Woods 17th June 2016

20 children, Mrs Cockerill and 4 helpers had an adventurous trip to Hackfall Woods near Grewelthorpe. Hackfall has been woodland for 500 years, rich in natural flora, and has been managed on and off since the eighteenth century. It is in a beautiful setting dropping down to the River Ure.

In the morning the children went pond dipping for pondlife, testing how fast a stream flows and collecting water and soil samples.

After a picnic lunch the children worked in small groups collecting different items of flora. They then observed the tributaries joining the river and finally had the opportunity to sketch the view through the windows of a folly.

Another good day with the children displaying boundless energy, yet well behaved.

David Barley
Co-opted Governor

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