Governors Report - Priory and Temple Class Visit to Eden Camp

Priory and Temple Class along with Mrs Garner, Miss Allan, and their helpers, all managed to get into a 70-seater bus for our trip to Eden Camp. Eden Camp is near Malton and is a modern history themed museum housed in the huts of a 2nd World War Italian Prisoner of War Camp. Some of the huts were equipped with authentic sounds and smells created to transport you “back in time”, quite alarming at times.

Each hut has an individual theme. The first ten huts tell the story of the “Peoples War” from 1939 to 1945, these include the rise of the Nazi Party, propaganda, ration books, evacuees, women at war, prisoners of war etc. The remaining huts concentrated on military themes: war at sea and u-boats; Bomber Command; bomb disposal etc.

The children were given question sheets appertaining to the different huts. Most of the children were eager to answer the questions, others needed a little more persuasion.

There was a Junior Assault Course which was, as usual, very popular.

I personally enjoyed the experience and I am sure the children learnt and understood more about the circumstances that their Great Grandparents had to live through.

As a postscript the weather was good.

David Barley
Co-opted Governor

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