National Changes to Statutory KS1 Assessment Information 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to inform you about the national changes to statutory assessment in 2016. Following the introduction of the new National Curriculum, the assessments are now much more rigorous and challenging than previous years. The expectation has increased.

In previous years, the children were given a best fit level, e.g. 2B/2A, based on teacher assessment and a test level (reading, writing, maths and science). These were commonly known as SATs (Standard Attainment Tests). The national expected standard at the end of year two was 2B. In teacher assessments, children did not have to match every criterion to have reached a level.

As part of the national curriculum review, levels have been abolished. From 2016, scaled scores will be used to report national curriculum test outcomes. We do know that scale 100 will always represent the ‘national standard’. The scale will have a lower end point below 100 and an upper end point above 100. The government have not yet set this national scale. Therefore the raw score that children will get on a test will translate to a scaled score. Schools have no indication what this raw score will be at the moment.

The way that teacher assessments are made has also changed. We will not be assessing children against exactly the same criteria as the test; therefore the teacher assessment and the test result could differ from each other. For the teacher assessment, the children must have reached the required standard and have evidence for all the criteria on the teacher assessment statements. However in the test, they are being tested on a broader selection of end-of-key stage one requirements and pupils may respond better to some aspects than others.

This means a child needs to meet all criteria per subject to reach the expected standard in teacher assessment. I have attached the assessment framework for year two or the full document can be found at

Assessment Framework for Year Two (.pdf)

The teaching staff continue to work extremely hard to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum whilst preparing pupils for the end of year assessment.  The key stage one tests will be taken some time during May 2016.  We do not tell the children exactly when each test will be so we do not cause any anxiety.  They usually quite enjoy them!

If you have any questions, please ask and we will try to answer these with the information currently available to us.  At the time of writing, the exemplification materials for each subject have not yet been published by the government.

Yours sincerely

Mrs V. Farby