Parent/ Carer Survey Results Academic Year 2019/2020

Parent/Carer Survey Autumn 2020

Thank you to all the parents/carers who took the time to talk to school governors prior to school starting on Monday 14th October, and to all the parents/carers who responded to our online survey. We were delighted with the response rate, many parents/carers took the time to talk to us and we received 53 responses to our online survey. Your views really do matter and support the school to improve.

Overall your feedback was incredibly positive, with the majority of patients/carers
telling us:

  • Your child is happy at this school
  • Your child feels safe at this school
  • Your child makes good progress at this school
  • Your child is well looked after at this school
  • Your child is taught well at this school
  • Your child receives appropriate homework
  • Staff explain how you can help your child at home
  • You receive valuable information from the school about your child’s progress
  • The school expects children to behave well
  • You feel comfortable in approaching the school with any questions, suggestions
    or concerns.
  • Your child has good opportunities to take part in activities, such as clubs, trips,
    visiting guests, workshops etc.
  • The school provides a good range of after school clubs and activities
  • The school is an important part of the community
  • The school is well led and managed
  • You feel you are well informed about what is going on at school
  • The school responds well to any concerns you raise
  • You understand the roles and responsibilities of the Governing Body
  • You know how to contact the Governing Body if you need to
  • You would recommend this school to other parents

You can read the full results of the survey and view the staff and pupil survey summaries below.

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