School Newsletter 17th July 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,


Stars of the Week

Class        Star Writer             Star of the Week        Lunchtime Stars

Willow         Ellen                    Will                                Harry

Oak             Jayden                Nathan                         Ryan

Elm              Isaac                   Amy                              Ethan

Chestnut      William               Bodie                            Lilly

Beech           Isabelle              Connor                         Jennifer


Effort Shield

Last week the Effort Shield was awarded to a Phoebe in Elm Class.  Well done!


Sports Afternoon

Thank you for joining us for our school sports afternoon today, it was great to hear all the encouraging cheers and see all the children participating so well.  Last week our theme in collective worship was sport and to coincide with Wimbledon the children learnt about Bjorn Borg, who like Roger Federer was a wonderful role model.  We can’t all be world champions, but we can all play fair, work hard and do our best and be a good sport! 

Please remember that any photographs taken are for personal use and not to be shared on social media. 


Collective Worship Group

This morning the church Collective Worship Group led collective worship and the theme was ‘Moving On.’  Using the Beatles song ‘I say hello and you say goodbye’ they reminded the children how the school year is like a journey or jigsaw.  In this last week of term we are fitting in the last piece of our school year whilst preparing to take more steps into the future.  Thank you to Mrs Moulton, Mrs Smailes, Mrs Ward and Mr Welsby for reminding us ‘goodbye’ comes from ‘God be with you.’


Kirby Hill Yarn Bomb Quiz - Message from the WI

Today on the way into school, children will have seen that Kirby Hill WI have done a small yarn bomb on the village green outside the Old School and up to the Noticeboard.  We would like to encourage the children to have a look by way of a quiz - simple counting and observation for smaller children (e.g. name the types of knitted vegetables).

There is a knitted owl in the yarn bomb (we are very proud of this) and would like the children to help give it a name.
If children would like to complete the short quiz (attached) and email the answers to this address (or alternatively give their answer sheets to Anne Cheeseman or Chris Mitchell if they are in school, or put their answers in the Old School letter box on the outside of the gate) by no later than 10pm on Thursday - we will announce winners on Friday.

Please ask children not to remove or touch the items (they will fall off) but to leave them for others to enjoy.  Anyone submitting an answer sheet should be asked to do so no earlier than Tuesday night (there is an additional piece of knitting that will be put up later today when one of our members gets back from holiday).


Local Authority Monitoring Visit.

I am delighted to let you know whilst the school continues to work hard on the journey to address issues highlighted by Ofsted, I am pleased to report the following from a Local Authority review on the 19th June: 


‘Monitoring is frequent and is increasingly focused on learning and the needs of individuals. Staff are held to account and expectations are regularly communicated. Books evidence the increasingly consistent approach to teaching and learning.’

‘High quality work is celebrated within the school, particularly in relation to writing.’

‘In writing, pupils are developing effective skills in editing and redrafting their work, as appropriate to their age and stage.’

‘Learning environments are well-managed and support current learning. Pupils can access materials as appropriate to support them and they know how to seek guidance and help, should they encounter difficulties.’


Yours sincerely,


Mrs V Farby
Head Teacher