School Newsletter 21st July 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,


Stars of the Week

Class           Star of the Week      

Willow          Willow Class                                      

Oak              Toby                                                

Elm              Charlie                                                 

Chestnut      Constance                                                    

Beech           Chloe                                           


Effort Shield, Sports Cup and Courtesy Cup

The Effort Shield was awarded to Megan in Willow Class.

Ebonie from Willow has achieved the Sports Cup for her achievement in sport this year.

Another success for Willow Class as the Lunchtime staff awarded Aaron the Courtesy Cup.  


Year 6 Leavers

Today marks the end of another school year, a year in which the children have blossomed and grown in so many ways.  Mary Poppins was a fitting end of their time at Kirby Hill.  The children performed and entertained with confidence and most importantly worked as a team. We are very proud of them all.  They have worked hard to complete their Archbishop of York award both in lessons and at home.  To complete the award, they have had to do 5 individual challenges, which have included some children helping out at a local food bank, writing to MPs, cooking tea for their family, helping their neighbours, raising money in lots of different ways and other random acts of kindness. They also completed 6 sessions at school which helped the children to develop the skills they need to be a successful leader.  Finally, they had to complete a community action project to 'be the change they want to see'.  After raising around £30 from Mary Poppins, the children decided to walk into Boroughbridge and buy some treats and flowers for the residents of Springfield Garth.  In the heavy rain yesterday, the children set off down into Boroughbridge to complete this project. 

They even gathered the goodwill of local shop owners, after Horticouture created some fabulous bouquets for the children to buy with the money they had left.  The residents of the care home were most delighted with the treats and flowers that they received.

It was wonderful to hear the florist feedback of how parents and teachers should be proud; the pupils were 'super complimentary, polite and courteous.’

We say ‘goodbye’ and ‘God be with you’ to our wonderful Year 6 children who have achieved this accolade and we wish them every success as they move on to secondary school.

Their achievements made me reflect upon a poem about childhood which I read recently.


Don’t ever label me

I don’t want to be

Neatly catalogued, classified,

And lined up with other people of

Vaguely approximating characteristics.

You can’t imprison me

In a few, stark words.


Twenty-six letters,

However they’re combined,

Can never add up to me.


So, please understand me as I am,

For I will not be summed up in a

Succession of symbols.


(Author not known)


Special Mentions

A big thank you to all the staff at school for all their hard work, they continue aiming high, just like the children, so that Kirby Hill School can be the best it can be.  Thank you to the teaching staff, office staff and support staff, the team effort adds value to individuals and learning. 

We also thank our lunchtime staff and GFM staff who also work hard to support throughout the year.

Thank you to all the PTA members for their hard work all year and especially for organising the end of term barbecue when we’re all tired and weary.  Thank you to all parents and carers for your support of school, ‘for behind the parent stood the school, and behind the teacher, the home.’  I would like to say thank you to those of you who have wished me well for retirement.  I have a beautiful Hannah Dunnett calendar in my office which was left for me as a surprise in January.  I have never worked out who did this random act of kindness but it has always meant a great deal, thank you.

Thank you Governors and Trustees for your support of the school.  Special thanks to Foundation Governors Mrs Moulton & Mrs Smailes for your unfailing commitment to school.  They have been regular visitors and have given both time and unfailing service to the school.  Thank you Mrs Moulton for being Chair of Governors.  During the recent Headteacher interview process one candidate declared how evident it was the children knew our school governors and truthfully acknowledged the children in her own school wouldn’t know who their governors were.  Thank you for caring and being so involved in the life of the school.  School welcomes Mr Brown, Mr Helliwell and Mrs Widdows to the governing board in September.


Finally my thanks to the children of Kirby Hill, it has been a delight to be your Headteacher.

‘There are three things in education that endure; faith in its ultimate value, hope for its future and the love of teachers for their pupils, but the greatest of these is the teacher’s love.’  You have given me so many treasured memories and remember always aim high and be the best you can be!


I wish Miss Lowe and the school every success for the future and I end on another quote from the Kirby Hill song.


‘For my time and part a steward.

I will love and serve thee still

My and mine forever grateful

That we live (and worked) in Kirby Hill!


Have a great summer holiday!


Yours sincerely,


Mrs V Farby
Head Teacher