School Newsletter 6th September 2017

Dear Parents & Carers,

I hope all of your children had a wonderful first day at school yesterday - I certainly did. As I walked
around classrooms trying to get to know everyone, there was a super atmosphere as the children were all
engaged in their learning tasks and they were amazing at making me feel so welcome.

Following my letter (and the French trip letter) yesterday, I had a few questions from a parent and rather
than respond individually, I thought the information would be appreciated by everyone (I’m sure there were
many of you with the same questions).

One of my aims as Headteacher is to increase the amount of opportunities on offer for our children at
Kirby Hill, rather than to change them. I wish to encourage our children to develop their independence – in
all areas – and residential experiences are perfect for this. At the moment, just our Y6 children are
booked to go on a residential to East Barnby in May 2018. I would like to try to extend this so that all
children in KS2 (Oak Class and Willow Class) have the chance to go on a residential every year. Hence
providing the opportunity for children in Y4, 5 and 6 to go to France – this is not a compulsory trip and
lessons will continue as normal in school for those children who don’t go. At Sharow, eight children from my
Y4/5/6 class went on the French trip last year and the curriculum continued as normal for those who
stayed behind. For any children who do decide they would like to go to France, I will be accompanying them
and depending on numbers, other members of staff would be invited to accompany us too so that we had
the correct adult to pupil ratios. Travel insurance is included.

As it is only the second day in, I haven’t put any other plans in place for residential opportunities as I would
like to consult staff and parents first – hence trying to plan in extra meetings. I appreciate that not all
parents will be able to attend Tuesday’s meeting due to work commitments but not all parents can attend
later meetings due to childcare issues. I will ensure that meetings are planned to alternate between early
and late sessions so that you all have an opportunity to attend. Anything that is discussed at a meeting will
be minuted and circulated to all parents – where you will then be able to contact school to ask any further
questions or add any comments you may have about the topics discussed.


I really do welcome questions from parents and I am really grateful to the parent who contacted school
yesterday. If you don’t ask, you won’t know and I would like us all to work together to ensure that our
children have the best experiences they can at Kirby Hill CE School. If you ever have any questions of
would like to seek clarification about anything at all, please make contact with school and we will try to help
you the best that we can.

Yours sincerely,

Miss E Lowe