Quotes from Pupils

"The teachers work tremendously hard to make sure the children have a good future.  I'd like to be a mathematician or writer when I'm older because my teacher is teaching me so well."  EP Y6
"I really like the learning environment in our school because it's really friendly.  The teachers help you to improve because they are really encouraging."  FR Y6
The staff help us to improve and let us decide what we would like our classroom to be like." IH Y6
"The teachers are really good at helping you improve in class every day."  LG Y5
"I love writing stories about mythology and history is fun."  SC Y5
"The school grounds are very spacious so we can play different games and activities at lunchtime."  MC Y6
"I enjoy Messy Church because it's a good way for teachers and children to collaborate and mix together." IH Y6
"Everybody is friendly.  When you go out to play at breaktime, there is always someone to play with." PA Y5